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Strategic Retreats

Create business strategies in the forest, brainstorm in the middle of a lake, find solutions at the top of a mountain: this is what we set up for you through our strategic retreats in nature! Planned and organized specifically to meet your needs and business objectives, our experiential retreats will allow you to discover some unexplored angles.

Retreat UniQ


We bring organizations to take a time out to reconnect, reflect, evaluate and challenge themselves in a rejuvenating environment to reach new heights!


Would you like to increase some of the following KPIs?

  • Creative potential

  • Motivation and commitment

  • Productivity

  • Team cohesion

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Vivre son « X » au Québec

Come and take the time to disconnect and breathe to better reconnect through rejuvenating experiences and environments. ​

« You will not find peace by rearranging your condition of life, but by becoming aware of who you are on the deepest level. »

- Eckhart Tolle


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